Ichiban Enterprises Inc is experienced in developing new businesses for start-ups and for large corporations and developing partner integrated solutions. Our areas of expertise include: Semiconductor Imaging and all Sensor systems; Home IoT for Perimeter and Home Security, Drone, Anti-drone and Home Automation; and Solar and Battery for remote power and USB personal products. Our consulting services include: business development, go-to-marketing strategies, branding and advertising, transition management, corporate strategy, technical due diligence, and intellectual property review and strategy with expertise. Other industries can also benefit from our technology driven business practices. Our specialized skills will help grow any size business.


  • Imaging(Visual, IR, Sensors and Processing)
  • Sensors (Visual, IR, Proximity, Light, Thermal, Motion, Humidity, Pressure)
  • Analog (A/D, D/A, Amplifiers, Temp Sensors, Transceivers)
  • Power (Buck & Boost Converters/Controllers, Switching, Battery Charging)


  • Mobile Phone
  • Still and Video Cameras
  • Home Automation and Home Security
  • IoT
  • UBS Portable Solar Battery Chargers