Ichiban Enterprises Inc is experienced in developing new businesses and partner integrated solutions for start-ups and for large corporations. Our areas of expertise include: Semiconductor Imaging and Sensor systems; Smart Home Automation and Security, Perimeter Security using Drone and  Anti-drone technology; and Remote Power using various Solar, battery and charging techniques for USB personal products and Automobile sensors. Our consulting services include: business development, go-to-marketing strategies, branding and advertising, transition management, corporate strategy, technical due diligence, and intellectual property review and strategy. Consumer products and other industries can also benefit from our technology driven experiences. Our specialized skills will help grow any size business.


Below is a summary of our components, products and markets experience. Our experience in each of these areas involves business development, marketing, product development and technology and is noted in each of our website sections.

Semiconductor components

  • Imaging(Visual, IR, Sensors and Processing)
  • Sensors (Visual, IR, Proximity, Light, Thermal, Motion, Humidity, Pressure)
  • Analog (A/D, D/A, Amplifiers, Temp Sensors, Transceivers)
  • Power (Buck & Boost Converters/Controllers, Switching, Battery Charging)

Consumer Products

  • Digital Still and Video Cameras
  • Home Automation Sensors
  • Healthcare and Bio-metric Sensors
  • Solar Panels, Portable USB Device Chargers

Semiconductor Markets

  • Mobile Phone
  • Still and Video Cameras
  •  IoT for Home Automation and Home Security
  • Remote Power
  • Perimeter Security using Drone and Anti-Drone Technology
  • UBS Portable Solar Battery Chargers

Consumer Markets

  • Mobile Phones
  • Still and Video Cameras
  •  IoT for Home Automation and Home Security
  • Drones
  • UBS Portable Battery Chargers


Kevin demonstrated good leadership and communication skills and quickly dove in a found and helped resolve circuit and system design issues in a CMOS Image sensor. He developed a new design methodology that was used to tape-out a new sensor design that used a novel process technology. He enjoyed using his broad technical and business knowledge and experience to help others and improve the overall organization. It was a pleasure working with Kevin.. Jeff McKee

VP 3DIC Technology, AltaSens

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kevin both as a colleague and customer for over 15 years. In that time, I have seen Kevin successfully lead product and technology efforts as a company executive and entrepreneur. It’s been a big benefit to our company, Forza Silicon, to now use Kevin’s services as a business development consultant. Kevin’s strong technical skills combined with his ability to elegantly drive customer inputs into product specifications have enabled us to develop new products and new businesses. Kevin’s vision to leverage our technology and current designs into other markets has also opened doors to new business opportunities. Barmak Mansoorian

President and Founder, Forza Silicon

I knew Kevin for many years as a successful communications product lead design engineer at National and as the president of the HSPICE Users Group. Kevin and I founded PixelCam in 1998. We a shoe-string budget he built the team, developed the IP, demonstrated successful silicon and sold the company to Zoran in 2000. Does it get much better? Kim Hailey

Investor, PixelCam Inc

Kevin proved to be a very successful leader. His great communications skills, well-rounded technical background, his ability to address the various technical, management and marketing challenges and finally, his ability to move quickly on the learning curve, allow him to lead the definition, development and launch of a series of very well-received market-leading scanner products. In addition, he played a critical role in the development of ASIC mixed-signal design methodology, and also in expanding National’s relationship with Academia. Lee Stoian

Sr Design Director, National Semiconductor

Kevin is a strong technical leader with a excellent understanding of mix signal technologies and markets. He has demonstrated his creative abilities in sensors, data converters and other analog intensive applications. Rich Miller

VP Engineering, Avasem Corp