Business development activities in technology companies overlap somwhat with strategic markeing activities. Business Development at a Corporate level look for partnerships with other companies that helps solve a marketplace solution or creates a new integrated product to the marketplace. Strategic product marketing defines new products and looks for partnerships that will enhance a specific product. Mergers and Acquistions can fall into Business Developement or Market Strategy organizations.

Some of our activities in these areas include:

Business Development

  • Grew an Image Sensor business in the Defense Industry with AirForce, Army and Navy Labs.
  • Developed world-wide semiconductor partnerships for wafer processing, test, and packaging.
  • Developed camera module manufacting parnterships for specific large moble phone manufacturers.
  • Developed China partnerhips for solar panels, and electronic component assembly.
  • Developed technology relationships with major Univeristies: UC-Berkeley, UC-Davis, Stanford, Cal Tech, UM and MIT.

Strategic Marketing

  • Developed camera lens partnerships that match specific CMOS Image formats.
  • Developed partnerships with camera processor and display companies to create a complete camera solution.
  • Developed partnerships with camera firmware and algorithm companies to create improved camera operation, new camera features and improved camera operation.
  • Was part of Merger, Acquitistion and Divestiture teams.