Product Management involves the complete product lifesycle from inception to grave and includes profit and loss responsibility of the product line. Product Mangement organizations varies depending on the company organization and could be a complete organization with all functions as a Business Unit or as a Marketing and Applications Organization with Enginnering, Manufacturing, and Operations as Corporate horizional structures. In the latter case a Product Manger will complete with other product lines for horizonal resources and does not have complete control is his P&L.

Some of our activities include:


  • Founder and CEO of PixelCam, which developed the 1st Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • Founder and CEO of eHarvestSensors, which developed a Portable USB Solar Battery Charger
  • Assisted CEO with business plans, Corportate Funding and Company valuations.
  • Developed new business by developing new partnerships.


  • Developed new businesses by developing new partnerships.
  • Lead new product development of semiconductor products.
  • Found off-shore technology, component and manufacturing partners to lower product costs.