Companies must use technology is all aspects of their business to have a competitive advantage. Technology helps companies to development market leadership products, to reduce costs in development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and to automate business operational processes.

Some of our activities included:

New Product Development

  • Assist teams with product definition and system design
  • Lead a new product developement team.
  • Found technology partners to ehance product performance.
  • Fould partners to provide vertical integration solutions.

Manufacturing Management

    • Found, visited and vetted component suppliers
    • Found, visted and vetted China electronics assemble and manufacturing vendors.
    • Have a world-wide network of semiconductor process, test, package and assembly vendors.


Technical Due Diligence

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Divestitures

Intellectual Property Management

  • Assisted engineers with writing patent invention disclosures
  • Reviewed patents prior to submission and for re-issuance
  • Provided patent searches with summary analysis
  • Preformed technical reviews on existing patents
  • Prepared patent litigation material and provided expert witness testimony